Live Music

Live Music at The Smugglers Den



The Smugglers Den has a long history of great live music often seeing the start of fledgling bands yet to be famous such as Procol Harem, and Dr Feelgood not to mention individual stars who have graced the humble stage at the Den. This continues with modern stunners like Kit Thompson and ‘The Haze Band’ and up and coming stars of the future such as Lee Sargeant and Dee Hunter. Along with a lifeblood of talent from Jay West and Greg Brown AKA Spring Heeled Jack, and of course our very own Bill Witham AKA Napa Swan and his blend of perfectly presented humour and music, all of which are available on our regular ‘Saturday Night Live’ music sessions or indeed at our very popular Open Mike events hosted by Jay and showcasing the talents of many different musicians and song smiths mostly every Wednesday.

Open Mic Nights

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We are humbled most Wednesdays by the influx of many, many, talented musicians from all over the south east who make their way down to the Smugglers to Jam with other friends or try out new material, or just for the sheer fun of performing. We regularly have flautists, percussionists base players, violinists, bongo players, and of course guitarists and singers, all doing their thing either apart or en-mass. If you would like to have a go please talk to Jay or Greg on the night and they will make every effort to cater for your needs whether its playing your own instrument, banging on the stage bongo’s or singing that song you sang in the shower this morning you will always be made welcome, otherwise if you would rather sit back and tap your feet I’m sure you will have a memorable night.

Friday Night Fever


After a hard week at work, or struggling through another week of retirement why not come and join us for ‘Friday Night Fever’ every last Friday of the month we will be showcasing the best of Northern Sole, and Jaz Funk from across the pond and all those sounds you remember when your ‘Funky Stuff was being Strutted’ and your ‘oops was really upside your head’ and your ‘bell was being rung’ at the ‘carwash’, all other Fridays we will maintain the same and more aiming at those of us who remember Spangles, and when Mars Bars came in folded paper wrappers, and chopper bikes. So pick up your Hand Bags and Glad Rags and come on down every Friday and listen to our very own Walrus of love, Paul Keenan, or the ‘Smooth as a Gravy Sandwich Jeff Saint.

Saturday Live Bands

Sunday live Music

Why not come and join us for a Spectacular  Sunday with some live entertainment from a host of our regular musicians such as Bill Witham (AKA Napa Swan), Stevie B, Jay West and friends, Greg Brown, and many more.