Richie T

'Karaoke King'

About Richie T

Richie T Mr Karaoke, All of the Smuggs Family are talented but Richard is blessed with patients and a legendary sense of humour making him the best Karaoke host out there (and a fantastic base player and singest)

How Mark & Angie met?

As a youngster in the late 70’s early 80’s Mark frequented the Smugglers as did many others who were taken under the wing of Mary and Dennis the then owners. Mark had some great birthday parties here, and it was later in 1980 that my best mate Gary met a girl called Debra Sheppard who I knew from school. One fateful evening Deb brought along her young sister Angie, we met and danced on the Smugglers Dance floor. Several months later we were married and have been together and in love ever since.  Our happiest memories have been in the Smugglers and still are being created in the club today with our fantastic family of members and musicians.  We did not hesitate when in November 2014 we were offered the opportunity to take over the Smugglers. We have tried very hard to keep the Smugglers as it was, and aside from building new toilets, and the new River Garden, the club is very much as we remember and fell in love with, in more ways than one.  

The Smuggs, to which it is now referred, is responsible for a plethora of love stories, many of whom still frequent Smuggs, although they’re busy making families!

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